Early Childhood Education


Program Days Time
2 Year Old* Tue or Thu 9:30-11 am
3 Year Old Tue, Thu 9-11:30 am
3 Year Old Mon, Wed, Fri 9-11:30 am
4 Year Old Mon, Wed, Fri 9-11:30 am
4 Year Old Mon – Fri 9-11:30 am
Transitional-K** Mon – Fri 9-11:30 am

*Caregiver attends with the child
**Student must be 5 years old by 12/1/15


Program Days Time
4 Year Old Mon – Fri 9-2:40 pm
Transitional-K* Mon – Fri 9-2:40 pm

*Student must be 5 years old by 12/1/15


About the Programs

kidsOur Preschool Classes and Kindergartens work hand-in-hand to enhance learning and to better prepare each child for a positive academic foundation ensuring individual successes.

We do this by providing an atmosphere of nurturing and acceptance in a safe and secure environment. We focus on a child-centered, developmentally appropriate classroom that works in conjunction with the teacher-directed group activities.

Building children’s self-esteem cannot be underestimated. We individualize our educational programs. They are designed to meet the specific needs of each child. We celebrate multiculturalism, diversity and our own uniqueness. We are flexible. Acting on teachable moments is the key to providing the building blocks for tomorrow.

If we are to truly value our children, we must value their families. Parents should be recognized as experts on their own children. We have an open-door policy and encourage parental input.

2 Year Old Program

Our Times 2 Program is a parent and child program that offers the two year old child an opportunity for:

  • Explore the school environment
  • Experience a classroom routine
  • Choose independent activities
  • Follow simple directions and transition between activities

3 Year Old Program

The focus of our 3-year-old program is to promote socialization and emotional development through cooperative play and positive social interaction.

Our program:

  • Incorporates pre-reading/literacy activities to encourage a love of literature
  • Introduces letters, numbers, shapes and colors
  • Addresses gross motor development using music and movement
  • Encourages small motor skills through teacher-directed activities and free-choice play

4 Year Old Preschool Program

The 4-year-old program is academically based with an emphasis on social, emotional and physical development. The program is developed to offer the students:

  • An opportunity to explore topics in math, science, pre-reading, writing, art, music and religion
  • Daily and weekly activities revolving around the “letter of the week”

5 Year Old Transitional Kindergarten

The Transitional Kindergarten Program is designed for children who are 5 before December 1st. It is a deferred entry kindergarten program. Out “TK” and kindergarten programs work hand in hand to enhance learning and better prepare each child for a positive academic futures.

The TK Program offers:

  • In depth thematic units based on the “letter of the weel”, incorporating appropriate math activites.
  • An extensive hands on science program
  • Social studies unites introducing students to our community and to the larger world
  • Pre-reading and writing activities with and introduction to grammar
  • More in depth attention to Catholic prayer and practice
  • Music and art integrated daily
  • Integrated SMART technology
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