Dress Code

We believe a Dress Code is intended to be enforced, and we will enforce this dress code. To ignore dress code violations implies a lack of seriousness about rules and is disrespectful of students who adhere to dress code.

Girls & Boys | Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Black or khaki slacks
no logo, no zipper pockets

Black or khaki dress shorts
Must be knee-length. Sept to October/ May to June

Solid color 2 or 3 button Polo
no logo, with collar, long or short sleeve. White, hunter green, or black (with or without the “S” saints logo).

Polo with Saints logo
Each student MUST have one hunter green polo with the Saints logo

Solid color turtleneck
White, hunter green, or black

Solid color sweater
White, hunter green, or black

With official school logo and/ or Catholic School logo or OM logo, may be worn over a turtleneck or golf shirt

must be worn at all times

must be soft soled with tie, buckle or Velcro closure

must be low-cut (i.e. below the ankle) and plain in design (no blinking or light up sneakers allowed)

Girls Only

White, hunter green or black only. No patterns

No dangling earrings are permitted

Boys Only

Must be above shirt collar, earrings are not permitted at any time

General Rules

All tops
Must be tucked inside the waistband of the pants, skirt, or skort, and must be long enough to be able to be tucked inside

Must be worn within belt loops and be of a solid color (tan, brown, or black)

Hard soled slip-ons, sandals, flip-flops, Crocs, jellies or heels are not permitted even on dress down days

No color sprayed/bleached hair

Hats & other head coverings
Only permitted on special days

Students will not be changing for PW class. Therefore, there is a mandatory PE uniform for students in grades K – 6. The PE uniform will consist of plain black knee length lacrosse type shorts or plain black sweat pants and a gray or green t-shirt or sweatshirt, plain or with logo. Saints wear is permitted on gym day. PE shorts/sweatpants/t-shirts are available through the uniform company, or can be purchased locally.

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